We are calling for the creation of an urban parish for Rochester to be known as Rochester Town Council. We hope this will be the first of many new urban parish councils in Medway, as we believe everybody should be served by a local council.

Find out why we want a Town Council for Rochester

We believe that Rochester can be better. And we think that the people who are best placed to make our town better are those who live here.

We love Rochester. It is an ancient, unique and special place that its people cherish and wish to see thrive.

We believe that Rochester has the potential to become one of the most attractive, admired and liveable towns in Kent and Medway. We also believe that the people who are best placed to help us reach this goal are the people who live in Rochester. We want the people of Rochester to have more control over their town and more of a say in how it is run.

This is why we are campaigning to create a new urban parish for Rochester, which would be called Rochester Town Council. Every community in England and Wales has the right to set up a local council if they want one. We believe that giving Rochester its own Council will give its people the resources and democratic tools they need to make positive changes to our town.

The process for setting up a new Town Council required us to collect 1,500 signatures of support.

We have exceeded our target and the petition has now been formally handed over to Medway Council.

We received

What You Can Do To Help


If you have spare time and want to help, then please get in touch with us and help us with our campaign.


Thinking about standing as a Town Councillor? We want to ensure that Rochester is led by a representative cross-section of the people who live here. Register your interest now.